Phoenix, AZ Bird Control

Phoenix, AZ Bird Control

Solving Pest Bird Problems in Phoenix, AZ

A number of pest birds continue to create problems in Phoenix. These range from pigeons and bats to all manner of smaller birds, including great-tailed grackles. These birds have been increasing in number every year. The good news is, there are humane and effective ways to control where these birds nest and roost.

Pigeons Drawn to Feeding/Overseeding

Phoenix has a serious pigeon problem. Experts blame this on a number of factors. One is that many people, including children, simply can’t resist feeding the birds. Another big draw for these “rats with wings” is that many property owners overseed their lawns and golf courses for winter. And then there are the many nooks, crannies, and roof alcoves in the homes and buildings that offer excellent shelter to the birds. Property owners continually complain about pigeon droppings, which can eat into the paint on cars and homes. The droppings have also been known to damage roofs. One house in Phoenix was recently invaded by hundreds of pigeons. The birds dropped feathers into the pool, defecated on vehicles, and crashed into windows.

Bats Can Carry Diseases

There are over 28 species of bats in Arizona, the second greatest number of bat species in the United States, just behind Texas. Bats remain the number one reservoir for rabies virus in Arizona. A rabid bat was recently found on the ground in a Costco parking lot near Cave Creek and Beardsley roads in north Phoenix. It marks the second rabid bat found in the Phoenix area. Cats and dogs often play with bats on the ground, and grounded bats are more likely to be infected with rabies.

Noisy Grackles Invade ASU

Every evening, a swarm of a hundred or so great-tailed grackles invades the Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix campus. They perch on the trees between the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and the University Center. They create such a din that one can’t even speak over them. In addition to noise, the janitorial staff spends an hour each morning cleaning up the previous night’s bird droppings. Teaching staff notes that their cars are often covered with droppings and some have even been targets of the birds’ “missiles.”

The Solution? Effective, Humane Bird Control.


Stainless Steel Bird Spikes. Easily installed on flat or curved surfaces, these anti-perching, anti-roosting bird control devices will deter pigeons and other large birds. The spiked strips can be glued, screwed or tied down and feature a no-nest gap-free design to keep birds from roosting or landing. The spikes are approved by the US Humane Society and PICAS. Each features a patented “bend-and-crush” design so the spikes remain firmly embedded in an unbreakable UV-protected polycarbonate base. They come in two-foot lengths and 40 spikes per foot to streamline installation.

Bat Netting. This heavy-duty netting humanely prevents bats from entering eaves, attics, and similar dark areas. Made from a UV-protected mesh, the netting is hung as a barrier to block out bats. Bird B Gone netting carries an industry leading guarantee of 10 years. We offer a complete line of professional grade installation hardware to suit any job and can assist with design and installation.

Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic. For properties inundated with pigeons or schools suffering from too many pest birds on campus, this device offers a humane, effective solution. The Bird Chase Device deters birds from apartment rooftops, university buildings, and other structures because it addresses a large area—up to 1 acre (or 5 acres with added speakers). The device broadcasts distress and predator calls for as many as 24 different species of birds. It can even be programmed to target a specific bird species and to turn on or off at night. And because it’s solar powered and water resistant, it can easily be placed where it’s needed. Unlike ultrasonic devices, the Bird Chase device emits sounds birds can hear. Comes with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

Bird Net 2000™. Perfect for sealing out pest birds from semi-enclosed and enclosed areas around commercial buildings, schools and colleges, this heavy-duty polyethylene bird netting humanely blocks a wide range of birds—including pigeons, bats, and grackles. Bird Net 2000 creates a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing or nesting. Rot proof, waterproof and nonconductive, this black netting is designed to hold up under extreme conditions. It has a 40-pound burst strength and can tolerate temperature extremes of 270o F to -250o F. Available in stone, black and white, the black netting carries an industry leading 10-year guarantee. The netting is fully supported by a complete line of professional grade installation hardware for fast efficient installation. Custom cut nets are available to save on installation and labor. Same-day shipping is available.

Transparent Bird-Off Gel. This sticky repellent gel is ideal for keeping pigeons, starlings, and larger birds from landing on horizontal surfaces. Applied to areas where birds tend to land, Bird Gel leaves birds with a sticky sensation on their feet, which encourages them to move on. The gel can be used on indoor or outdoor surfaces and lasts up to one year. Recommended for use on ledges, I-beams, parapet walls, signs, conduits, pipes, and more. The gel will not cause a burning sensation and is safe for targeted birds and installers. Cleans up easily with just soap and water.

Bird B Gone is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment. The company provides advice, training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures.

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Phoenix, AZ Bird Control