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Bird Spikes

  • Bird B Gone Bird Spikes are affordable, effective and humane

    plastic bird spikesBird B Gone is the leader in bird control products for residential, industrial and commercial applications. They offer affordable, effective and humane products that will rid your land and buildings of pest birds. Large and small birds can be deterred with their proven bird control strategies. Their various products will work in large open spaces as well as small confined areas. Bird Spikes are one of the most affordable, effective and humane methods if deterring pest birds. There is a full range of bird spikes offered by Bird B Gone.

    Plastic Bird Spikes

    One of the most affordable bird spikes on the market is Bird B Gone’s Plastic Bird Spikes.They are made from polycarbonate plastic and are UV protected, making them rigid, durable, sun and weatherproof. Continue reading

  • Choosing the Right Type of Bird Spikes for Your Building

    bird-deterrent-pigeonThe Problem with Feathered Pests

    As anyone who's ever owned or leased a large building can tell you, birds can be a major problem to the aesthetics of a roof. But the problems from pigeons and other airborne pests go far beyond just appearances. Besides looking ugly, bird droppings can do real damage to a roof's materials, and they carry several kinds of diseases, representing a danger to the public. That's why building owners spend plenty of time and money every year on cleaning up messes that unwanted birds leave behind.

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  • Bird Spikes for the Pressure Washing Industry

    bird spikesPressure washing contractors have long learned that birds can create lots of costly headaches for them and their crews. Besides leaving hard-to-clean bird droppings on walkways, birds can damage and deface property, as well as creating health hazards and accident risks for crews and customers. Continue reading

  • Bird Spikes for Remodels and Retrofits

    bird spikesOne of the best times to install bird control measures is during the remodel or retrofit process. Construction crews are already working on the home or building, ladders and scaffolding are in place, and tools of all types are available. Installing bird deterrents at this time will keep pest birds from defacing and damaging roofs, rain gutters, solar panels, skylights, rotating or static roof vents, and many other areas of a house or structure. It’s that “once of prevention that’s worth a pound of cure” for property owners. Continue reading

  • Bird Spikes for the Maintenance Industry

    bird spikes for maintenance industryMaintenance and facilities managers are caught between a rock and hard place. They must keep up with the defacement and damage caused by birds in the wake of ever shrinking maintenance budgets.

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