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Pigeon Spikes

  • Protect your home from pest pigeons with pigeon spikes

    keep pigeons offThe feral pigeon is often the pest bird that needs to be deterred. The conflict with the pigeon is usually when they invade the home. The bird flu and other transmittable diseases are known to be associated with pigeons. Another major concern is the damage the pigeon creates on the property. In urban areas and most cities, the supply of food all year long for these pests is why they are going to settle on your home and other structures on your property. It is a comfortable habitat for their breeding and other natural habits. Pigeons lay eggs up to six times per year. This means the pigeons are capable of multiplying rather quickly if left to do so. Continue reading

  • Stop nuisance pigeons from landing with pigeon spikes

    bird control productsNuisance pigeons continue to present a costly problem to property owners worldwide. They deface and damage buildings and structures to the tune of millions of dollars every year. Maintenance costs climb annually as cleanup and repair crews try to keep pace with the droppings, nests and other debris. Sidewalks, entryways, windows and doors are often covered with unsightly pigeon droppings that must be cleaned on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

    Nuisance pigeon droppings eat into metal, wood, plastic, vinyl and stone surfaces. Left to gather, these droppings can cause expensive Continue reading

  • Keep pest birds from landing this summer with pigeon spikes

    keep pigeons off Summer is a busy time for birds. Many molt their worn and damaged feathers, which can clog vents, drain spouts and rain gutters. Summer is also the time when nesting birds raise their young, building nests in and around signage and AC units. This can lead to electrical fires and clogged vents. Summer crows gather to form communal night roosts that can damage property. Blackbird summer roosts can create a nuisance and health hazard to property owners. Doves present risks in late summer when large roosting and loafing flocks gather for feeding, watering, And there’s the ubiquitous pigeon, often flocking to rooftops, parapet walls, AC units, skylights and solar panels to leave mounds of unsightly and destructive droppings. Fortunately, the pros at Bird B Gone have a time-tested solution to keep pest birds from landing this summer. Continue reading

  • Stop Pigeons from Defacing Shopping Centers with Pigeon Spikes

    pigeon controlIf there is a bird defacing the shopping center and your business, it is most likely the pigeon. Pigeon spikes are needed to stop this pest bird from hanging around on the structures and signs. Pigeon spikes will stop the pigeons from dancing on the roof and damaging rooftop AC units, fans, ducting, solar panels, ventilators, security cameras, rain gutters, and the list goes on. Continue reading

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