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Bird Pest Profiles


It is important to know what type of bird that you are having a problem with before you can purchase the right product to solve your bird control issues.  Below you will find the common birds that cause problems in urban areas.  These birds are considered pests when they come into direct contact with areas that they can cause damage and potential health hazards.


To be sure that you get the right product for your bird problem, click on the bird below to learn more about their habits and the products that work to deter them.






Feral Pigeon

Bird B Gone's Feral Pigeon products are effective, affordable and humane methods to keep pigeons off your property.

Canada Goose 

Canada Goose

Bird B Gone's products to get rid of geese are easy to apply, affordable and proven effective.




Keep Gulls off your property and boats with Bird B Gone's Gull products.  They are easy to install, effective and affordable.







Keep sparrows away from your property with effective, humane and affordable products from Bird B Gone.



Stop woodpeckers from ruining your property with woodpecker control products from Bird B Gone.  Ideal for commercial and residential woodpecker problems.


Barn Swallow

Keep Swallows from building their mud nests on your property with Bird B Gone’s line of swallow deterrents.  Affordable, effective, humane and easy to install.





Common Starling

Get rid of starlings on your property with Bird B Gone’s line of starling deterrent products.  They are easy to install, affordable and humane.




American Crow

Crows making a mess around your property?  Get Bird B Gone’s crow bird deterrents.  Easy to install, effective and affordable.  Will not harm birds or other animals.



Common Grackle

Keep Grackles away with bird deterrents from Bird B Gone.  They are effective, easy to use and humane to birds and other animals.



blue heron

 Blue Heron

Keep Blue Herons from eating your expensive Koi fish.  Try Bird B Gone’s Blue Heron deterrents and pond defenders; easy to install, affordable and effective.

Turkey Vultures




Turkey Vultures

Turkey Vultures taking over your home or business?  Get Bird B Gone’s bird deterrents to keep them away.  Affordable, effective and easy to install.







Keep Cormorants away from your boat and property with Bird B Gone’s bird control products.  They are easy to install, affordable and humane to birds and other animals.