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woodpecker deterrents

Woodpeckers have become a costly nuisance to many property owners. Without effective woodpecker deterrents, these crafty little birds will drill into wood siding, eaves, window frames and trim boards, turning beautiful surfaces into “Swiss cheese.” Woodpeckers enjoy peppering holes into most woods, but they prefer cedar and redwood siding, as well as rustic-looking and channeled plywoods. Pine, fir or cypress boards are also vulnerable. Woods destroyed in this manner become vulnerable to further moisture and insect damage.

Woodpeckers Are a Protected Species

While some property owners may be tempted to use lethal means to get rid of them, woodpeckers are protected by both federal and state laws and cannot be captured or killed. This means only non-lethal, proactive methods should be used to deter them. Bird B Gone currently offers five highly effective woodpecker deterrents for today’s property owners. All are humane, economical, and easy to use.


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