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Bird-B-Gone sells a complete line of effective and humane bird control products to help solve virtually any pest bird problem. Bird control products are designed to keep birds from landing on or in specific areas. The products we sell can be used to deter pest birds in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial settings.


stainless steel bird spikes

Bird Spikes

bird netting 

Bird Netting

 bird electric tracks

Electric Track

bird slope

Bird Deterrents


bird repellents 

Bird Repellents

bird sound deterrents

Sound Bird Deterrents

humane live bird traps

Humane Live Bird Traps

cleanup bird poop


visual bird deterrents woodpecker deterrents  goose control products  swallow bird deterrents
Visual Bird Deterrents Woodpecker Deterrents Goose Control Products Swallow Deterrents


Bird B Gone Professional Bird Control Products

At Bird-B-Gone, we measure our success by the success we create for our customers.

Our goal is not to simply sell products, but to help solve bird problems effectively, humanely and economically. We pride ourselves on our commitment to high quality products, training and customer service.

We encourage customers to call in for advice on choosing the correct bird deterrent depending on the species of bird, their behavior and the area they are posing a problem. We also offer free training and support for all aspects of bird control.

Our professional grade bird deterrents are manufactured in the US and carry industry-leading guarantees. For help choosing the right product for your bird problem call us at 1-800-392-6915 or email


100’s of Bird Control Products Available:

            -Bird Spikes

-Physical bird deterrent humanely prevents large birds from landing on flat or curved surfaces.

            -Bird Netting

-Used as a physical barrier to block birds unwanted areas. Humane and 100% effective.

            -Electric Track Bird Deterrents

-Low profile electric track systems do not harm birds but do condition them to avoid the area.

            -Bird Slope

-Blocks birds from landing on beams and ledges. Effective where birds have been nesting.

            -Bird Wire

-Post and wire system creates an unstable, uncomfortable landing surface for large birds.

            -Bird Spiders

-Used for concentrated areas, these bird deterrents move in the wind to scare birds from landing.

            -Bird Repellers

-Spin continuously to prevent birds from landing.

            -Bird Repellents

-Use non toxic agents that birds cannot stand to keep areas bird free.

            -Professional Bird Traps

-Used to trap and relocate birds.

            -Bird Sound Deterrents

-Use recorded bird distress and predator calls to scare birds from large open spaces

            -And More!!!

It is important to choose the correct bird control product for your particular pest bird problem.  If you are having trouble choosing the correct product, please call our product specialists at 800-392-6915 for help!