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Case Studies

bird control case studiesListed below are case studies on some of Bird-B-Gone’s most popular bird control products. Bird B Gone's products have been used in some very high profile areas, government buildings, hospitals, schools and other publice and private properties.  Feel free to download the case studies listed below to show your customers or to use internally to help choose the right product to keep birds off your property.


Click on the image to open the pdf version of the case study.  If you have a case study you would like to submit to Bird-B-Gone, send the information to

Bird Netting


Bird Netting

Historic US Building

Bird Netting

Bird Net Installed Under Overhang

Bird Netting

Shopping Center Signs & Roof

bird netting installation

"Big Box" Store

HEB Bird Netting Case Study 

Bird Netting at Major Food Store

Pigeon Control at schools 

Pigeon Control at School

Bird Spikes


bird spikes

Newport Beach Lifeguard Station

bird spikes

 Shopping Center

bird spikes

 Local Church

weather station

Weather Station

light posts

 Light Posts

federal building

Federal Building

plastic bird spike case study

University uses bird spikes to protect buildings

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Case Study

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes
on Shopping Center 


Electric Tracks


 hopkins airport

Hopkins International Airport

 electric bird control track

New Jersey Metro Station

electric track bird control

 Retail Sign

shock track for birds 

Parapet Wall

shock track on parapet walls

 Shopping Center

 PGA case study

PGA Building




Bird Slope


bird slope

Keep Swallows from Nesting

bird slope stops nesting

Under Bridge


 Bird Wire


bird wire 

Florida Convention Center

bird wire on channel letters 

Channel Letters

bird wire on window ledges

 Window Ledges

bird control products